Saturday, March 27, 2010

Snow: The Day After

Some more pictures, from when snow had been "plowed." Usually, this would indicate a positive change in affairs, but occasionally it made it more difficult for walkers...

Exhibit A: walking on the sidewalk is fine and all, but what happens when you want to cross the street? Or heaven forbid, jaywalk?

Yes, the snowstorm included wind...

...and it plus the weight of the snow and ice unfortunately splintered a LOT of tree branches around the city.

HA ha...

View from my office window, of St. Matthew's Cathedral under snow. Foreground: my Victoire des Samothraces statue :)

Try getting up those stairs!
Lots of people had fun during the storm over the weekend, when they could get out a baking sheet and sled down museum stairs at night *ahem* but this one was on a Wednesday, and it was the third in a series, so the snowball fun had sort of died down.


  1. So you need a new baking sheet??? :)

  2. Haha, no it was a friend of mine using hers. Don't worry, I'll send out a list soon ;-) Actually, I might post it here, to increase traffic! :-)