Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reporting out July

What do YOU think of 42%? That was my score for exercise in July. It's a little disappointing, but when I tell myself that I was out of my routine (traveling for work and a vacation) for a third of the month, so the counterfactual would have been better. (A little SAIS nerdery for you economists out there)
Even so, I went jogging twice while out in Oregon, and the exercise session with Amanda's Sweaty, Sexy Iron Ladies definitely put me in mind to tone my arms back up! So all in all, I'm gruntingly satisfied, if not with the progress, at least with the effort.
*update: I miscounted days in July, so I'll actually have 45%. :-)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weather and Food

A note on the weather: as an update to my previous post, I can say that it is a mighty fine thing to take a break from this old coast to try out the other. I went jogging twice while I was in Portland, and it was, literally, a breath of fresh air. Or maybe a thousand breaths, if you do the math.
Second, a note on some food that will act as a cautionary tale. It was a British dessert called Summer Pudding, and it consisted of white bread, strawberries, sugar, and a long time in the fridge. The problem: it was a British dish called Summer Pudding.
(ha ha- not exactly- I used a colander instead of a bowl and so lost a lot of the good juice that was supposed to soak into the bread. So much for saving a dish!)

Monday, July 5, 2010

More on what I eat, really?

Ok, no pictures yet, since I took a couple hours to upload all my France pics to Facebook. Go look there.
But as for what I eat, some victories today: Eggs, Slowly Scrambled, from Laura Calder, and Buttermilk Banana Bread (unadulterated!) from Mollie Katzen. TODAY!
Both worth the work, which actually makes it taste better (that's a good culinary secret to share).
I was feeling oh-so-vapid, but then decided to start the soundtrack for the day, which was:
Johnny Bertram and the Golden Bicycles, Sing Your Song (very sing-able)
Benni Masuch, Streetswing Orchestra
MJB (very dance-able)
Alicia Keys
Black-Eyed Peas
and next up is Bobby Darin!