Monday, March 8, 2010

Colorado Trip, Part I

Ah yes. Many things that I like, all combined in one place: open sky, natural landscape, varying clouds, renewable energy, the chance to learn about science (sort of)... field trip to NREL!

NREL stands for National Renewable Energy laboratory, and it is located in Golden, CO. As a part of a Keystone Center board meeting, we got to visit their National Wind Technology Center, where they test drive trains, turbines, and all sorts of other fun stuff. We took a tour with some visiting local-level politicians, and par hasard, got treated to a lunch of brats and burgers! Apparently the spirit of Casual Friday comes to the Wind Technology Center's IT staff regularly on Thursdays, when they have a grill-out for lunch. They generously offered to share as we wandered by looking for our tour guide. Cheers for happiness and generosity when they are encountered!

Work Sweet Work

Beautiful at dawn (oh that's right, I had to be up at dawn-- in FEBRUARY-- to help prepare for a meeting that started at 7 AM)

(it was worth it)

Elsewhere, we took in the sights, including delicious pizza at "The Pizza Parlor" (such a clever name) in Breckenridge; the Snow Sculpture contest, also in Breck; and not so joy-inducing: the sight of the patchwork of dead trees lost to bark beetle among the evergreen forests.

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