Sunday, March 7, 2010

Annual Ice Skating Foray

Last year I think I was forced to ice skate twice- once at Keystone on a business trip, since I didn't have enough time, or money, or equipment to actually ski there, and once at the National Gallery of Art's annual rink. This time, as then, the highlight was actually the post-skate trip to Irish Channel, the strangely-placed Irish pub (it's in a Red Roof Inn on the less savory side of the Verizon Center). From my two trips, I can say that their corned beef is dry and their shepherd's pie is delicious. Service is fine. Don't go before a Caps game, or if you do, wear red to blend in.

As far as the actual skating went, I acquitted myself tolerably well. Not like I grew up in Michigan or anything, but I tried backwards a few times. The consensus of the group was that all the rental skates were mal-aligned, which exacerbated he knock-kneed tendencies of many of us. Perhaps this calls for a search through the attic to find those skates procured about 10 years ago. Why did we buy those? Oh, that's right: I was completely spoiled. :-)

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