Monday, March 8, 2010

Pretty Pictures from NYC

Aunt Irene's colorful, warm, and inviting living room

Aunt Irene in her kitchen, with her own art and others'

Stop on the LIRR with interesting lines

Manhattan, vu du Queens (regarde l'Empire State a gauche)

Cakes and confections...

and a clutter or congratulations, for Magnolia Bakery! (It was pretty good, but not better than Georgetown Cupcake)

At Risotteria, a specialty gluten-free restaurant for lunch. I had some intense garlic in there, topped with pork shoulder slices. I don't believe the people on the bus home appreciated my leftovers much...

Overblown-at-one-time architecture, that now just looks misunderstood.

Another beautiful facade, unfortunately converted into T.J. Maxx and others...

View down a side street, with complications.

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