Monday, March 8, 2010

Colorado Trip, Part II

What else did I do in Colorado? Well, lots of stuff! I visited Boulder, CO for a day, for one. It was reeeealy snowy driving down (good thing I didn't have to do the driving!) the mountain from Keystone.

(yes, this is during 'daylight' hours!) but the town was so cute!

And you know they had a good sense of humor:

Not to mention delicious crepes! I had a combination called "Strawberries Romanov, which included strawberries, Nutella, I think chocolate chips, and *dumroll please* Grand Marnier! This is what it looks like:
and this is what I looked like: So much pleasure it was almost painful. (Not really- I just looked like it)

This is me catching the lovely snowflake formations- it is so dry there there they land and just sit, perched, on a surface. Look at the beautifully formed snowflake on my coat! Que la vie est belle, enh quand meme?

Pretty shot of the mountainside and the 'weather'

Here i was trying to capture the way that the dry snowy substance floats over the road in curls of wind. It's hard to capture without motion, but you can see the pattern of white over the road, which is the snow swirling around the vortices of air created by the passing cars. Tres cool.
The Continental Divide! I was on Top!

Not only that, I was on a flight on the way home (an interesting story, but won't tell here), in which I had the whole row-- 3 seats-- to myself! It was amazing, and a lovely escape.

Here was my return back to ''civilization" and I do mean that ironically, since we were met by yet another snowstorm in 2 days that stopped the ciy from performing any of the simplest tasks. Snowmageddon, indeed.

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