Saturday, March 6, 2010

Biscuit Mix Starter Kit and the Possibilities...

It's been a while again. Sorry. I had a couple weeks there when my time wasn't my own, but now we're good again. I am now up to Jan 17-22 in terms of photos, and what hapened then? Biscuits!
I had acquired this biscuit mix somehow, and it had been languishing in my cupboard because of my complex reaction to it. I simultaneously 1) scoffed at the idea of needing a mix to make biscuits and 2) quaked at the prospect of having to flour a surface. You laugh, but seriously, it seems like every time I have to 'flour a surface' what gets floured is me. I'd been blaming it on not enough counter space within which to wield a rolling pin, but deep down, it was fear.
Fear which was pretty unfounded. Biscuits are pretty forgiving, it turns out. I didn't have a cookie cutter, so I actually used a knife (see first photo) to draw circles in the dough, and it worked fine. What was interesting about my first experience with actually making and shaping the biscuit dough was that I was putting into practice some advice I picked up somewhere, in some cookbook, or memoir, or blog: the fun tear-apart layers of dough come from folding and smushing the dough gently several times.
And when I say 'putting into practice,' I don't mean right away. Of course not. It only kicked in for the last few of the batch. The main crop was mostly flat, but still buttery and had 'good mouthfeel as the industrialists say.
The next day, in an attempt to create a meal out of leftovers, I paired some biscuits with Napa cabbage slaw and vinegary apples. The next night it was cabbage + fennel + cheese (not a stellar combination, taste-wise, but at least now the world knows).
But as you can see below, it came out kind of monochromatic. And there's not much I like less than a monochromatic plate. Yech. I may have closed my eyes while eating.
Next time it will be from scratch. And paired with something green. Or brown. Or purple!

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