Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mushroom Casserole Mash-up

Some of you Readers might be familiar with the term 'mash-up." Some of you might not.

I was befuddled by two recipes last month. They were both yearning to be 'cut from the stone' of my farmers' market produce, but I didn't have enough ingredients to try them both, so I mashed up the recipes. The inspiration was from here at 101 Cookbooks, but I was more enticed and seduced by what I saw here at Last Night's Dinner, mostly because she tosses ingredients around with such a cavalier air. The next Julia Child, perhaps.

So I had cooked barley, I had cheese, I had fresh mushrooms, and I had chard! I even managed to roll up and slice the chard in the oh-so-professional-feeling 'cigar' method (see below)

The oil and spices and onions all went swimmingly, except that they fogged up my camera lens when I went in hovering for a closer look. Drat.

The last few steps to goodness:

It was very tasty. Not a 'wow' meal, but a dependable, filling, yummy, and altogether Kirsten-Larsen-memory-inducing entree. Even though I don't think there is anything Swedish in the tradition of this recipe. Ah well.

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  1. I wonder what I could substitute for the mushrooms...