Thursday, November 19, 2009

She discovers okra

Much as I am loathe to post about things that I didn't like or that didn't go well (after all, I'm so POSITIVE!), I promised to put up my effort with okra. I tangled with it, and lost. After passing it up many times at the farmers' market, I decided to just give it a whirl and fry it up. However, I only learned afterward that okra secretes a mucilaginous fluid when broken down; in other words, it made everything look and feel ('mouth-feel') a snotty mess. Flavor was ok, but I will have to try again with more and better advice in hand. But at least I did try! :-) I combined it with some peppers and spices, thinking that might be its natural habitat, but it didn't help
**Note the wholesome evening activity background: a puzzle! Ah, recessions.

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