Monday, November 16, 2009

Abandon all order, ye who...

"And so, abandoning all semblance of order, she decided to throw things up, wil-he, nil-he."

I made these. Some time ago. Here was my result:
Pretty good, right? Well, they do kind of look like dried fish hopping about, but still. I was just watching Mark Bittman video clips, which I find truly funny, because silly, and thought to myself: "He really does do things that are dead easy, but require some knowledge to put together." I would not have thought of this as a way to dispose of the 16 sheets of plain, dried nori I got with my Teaism Afternoon Tea had I not seen him do it online! Bravo, I got to enjoy these succulent morsels instead of assigning them the dustbin because they were tasteless. :-)

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