Sunday, November 22, 2009

Picturesque Newark, NJ

October 27, I traveled to Newark, NJ by train at another ungodly early hour for work. But this time, I traveled by train. I liked it better. As a whole however, I wouldn't consider the trip a success, since it rained, I became sick during the course of the meeting, my coworker and I had to wait over an hour for our train because the meeting ended early, and I didn't go out to see anything in Newark, but stayed in the mini-mall above and below the train station platforms, which seemed to have been designed to offer as little seating as possible in covered areas.

So it seems as though New Jersey is living up to its reputation.

(Top Left: View from the state government building where the meeting was held, to the train station where we arrived; Right: Old-style, Quaker-like Meetin' Seatin')

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  1. I don't miss my train ride at all - it used to take me an hour and a half ONE WAY to get to work!

    Now I am a short 11 minute miles from my work, and absolutely love it!