Monday, November 23, 2009

Gingered Sweet Potato Pie

I can happily say that I am returning home to California for Thanksgiving, which will be awesome. In view of this, and my status now as an actual adult in the family, I volunteered to take care of stuffing/ vegetable for the day. I very clearly said No Gizzards, because I am a No Gizzards type of gal, at least for now.
So I was gleefully planning to test some of Bon Appetit's cornucopia of stuffings, but instead got completely sidetracked, and wonderfully so, by this Gingered Sweet Potato Pie recipe by Rachel over at Coconut & Lime. I was helped in this also by finally having tasted the sweet potato pie of my neighborhood baker, Ms. Debra Chatman. I think it won the Best Of DC award in 2007, and I had never made it to the bakery while they still had it in the case until a few weeks ago- it went fast, I guess!
So I made one myself, albeit in a storebought crust, so I could concentrate on the filling: boiling the sweet potatoes, then skinning, then mashing. It's a nice, productive, yet not too taxing pastime. Kind of like all the preparations that go into butternut squash sauce (post to come). If you want to experiment and taste what the recipes are talking about, you have to cut, slice, peel, roast or boil, cool, chop, &c, &c. And you just accept it and keep going, instead of railing against "Why, oh why me???" as we are sometimes wont to do in other cases. It is refreshing.
(Rachel did her pecans in the shape of the mathematical symbol of pi, so I had to do something similarly creative- Behold, 'Tree':-)

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