Friday, November 20, 2009

Like fuschia?

Well, that's the color that red cabbage turns when you cook it like this! I felt like reaching for my heretofore-usually-silent German roots for some cabbage and sausage a few weeks back- something sauerkraut-y without the canned shortcut. So I bought the red cabbage at the farmers' market and set out to create. I added a tart apple, onions of course, rice vinegar (since this wasn't an excuse to get yet another type of vinegar; I was trying to make do), and cloves- a little dab'll do ya (I only used 2, as per the recipe, but man did they add some verve!).

It came out nice and sweet-tart, and very homey-tasting. I made mine the first couple times with a cut-up beer bratwurst sausage from Trader Joe's and a dollup of dijon mustard, since my French roots were most likely from the east close to Germany anyway... ok, ok, I'm twisting it up a bit. It suffices to say that it paired well. However, it didn't keep very long, which surprised me, so: ye are forewarned-- scarf it down!

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