Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Backward Glance and a Forward Stance

(Can you tell I'm an Edith Wharton fan? :-)
My verdict on the savory bread pudding is: enh. It looks very nice in the photos, but warmed up in the microwave it ends up being not so flavorful, and soggy scrambled eggs and corn on the bottom. Although the corn is good and sweet, the soggy egg/cream combination does not do it for me. Any advice/ comments as to why that is? I had misgivings myself, but as this was (as usual) an experiment, I plowed full-speed ahead anyway. Let me know what you think.
That was made 2 days ago (and I will still be eating it for lunch at work all week). Now I'd like to turn to tonight, and what I made 'fuh comp'ny.'
The miso-pork-sweet-potato is an old favorite now, (although this was an innovation: keeping both the sweet potatoes and the miso pork mixture warm in a 150-degree oven- that was an attempt at food safety for the pork. You'll notice the blurry quality of the photo as I attempt to open the oven door with one hand, take the picture with the other so as not to let out all the heat!) the kale side dish a ragged, thrown-together effort, (the attempt to include some color throught he YELLOW and PURPLE sweet peppers- 50 cents a-piece!- went awry as they were trapped between the onions and kale and kind of wimped out) and the peach galette was my first successful endeavor with a real, honest-to-goodness, from-scratch pie crust (from Epicurious). Ready for Battle!
(this is halfway through the 'forking') It worked the biceps, let me tell you! Of course, now that I've done the butter and flour mixing 'by fork' I think I can progress to using the food processor, having earned my street cred. It was good, folks. Even with white peaches, my yellow favorites no longer being available at the farmers' market.Mmmmm... ready for the creme fraiche, aye, matey!

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