Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still Blah but Something Else Approaches

Something Else being an IV drip of inspiration, most recently from Orangette! I went back to read the beginning of her blog, to see where she came from, in effect, and take courage that she didn't always have the fiance, the new business, the monthly Bon Appetit column, etc, etc, etc. In fact, she was finishing up a Master's, discarding plans for a PhD, and depending on food, writing, and girlfriends to lead her to the Promised Land of her future... and they did! In such marvelous fashion! :^)
Anyway, I had a funny thought cross my mind today, which I thought I would post, even though it's not related to food or writing. What crosses your mind when you see one of these, with no trailer/ cargo attached?
I saw one tooling (inclined to also use the word, "put-putting") around Logan Circle today, and this is what I thought of: an overblown, blustery, pompous male, a la Malvolio of 12th Night but on the chubby side, instead of tending toward thin. Without the rest of the semi-truck, the cab feels like a big belt buckle with nothing to show! Just injected a little preposterousness into my day. And a good chuckle.

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  1. I am so happy that you recommended Orangette. The author's voice is so distinctive, so inviting, that I feel as if she's talking to me. I took my cue from you and started reading her archives, around the time she got engaged. She's awesome, this new girl crush, and I think I just might pick up her book sometime soon. Thanks!