Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A-ha, er, hmm...

So the reason there were so many things 'wrong' with my roasted tomato sauce on that gnocchi was that I had only completed the first step of making the sauce: roasting the tomatoes, albeit in a fancified way. Apologies, and I will have to try the rest of the Leftoverist's recipe on the one serving of roasted tomato I have left some other time.
For tonight, I have been active, and come home with such a terrible hunger at 9 PM, that all that will do is to pull out the newly bought flatbread crisps, futz around in the fridge for a jar of roasted tomato and olive bruschetta that I have been trying to throw away for some months now (thrift prohibits my hand from following through, even though memory would have it gone), and plunk down to read the opening sally of a random romance I picked up at the library. Yes, Reader, that is where I whiled away about an hour this evening. Ever so nice. And then, since I had a few corners to round out for a dinner for friends tomorrow, I made a wide loop home by Whole Foods, and returned triumphantly home way past dinnertime, "two bags full," of good food and good books. What a lovely crisp fall evening.

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