Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Blah

No new exciting locales, just me.
In fact, not even much new cooking. Been too busy going on dates (alternate 1) and feeling so whacked-out and feckless (alternate 2) this week to do much, except write out a Big List of Recipe I Want to Make, from all my favorite blogs. This has been top of the list for the last 4 days, and I've got tomatoes I've really got to use, but what do I do? I come home, read, surf, nap, watch a DVD, de-clutter but none too effectively... what exactly am I avoiding?? I wish it would just come out, come out, wherever it is, so I could move on! Maybe if I stare long enough at this beautiful picture I will be motivated...
but then again, it may just allow me to veer back into over-bubbly, under-reflective action. I am not doing so great at finding my "Balance" for the past couple of weeks, but I am trying! Depend on it...

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