Sunday, April 5, 2009

Unbelievable flavor!

So I was crowing about this one for a while. I had a dinner party, where my little apartment was flooded with like, 5 people besides me. I made some pasta and whatever else, but the star of the meal was this experiment that looked SOOOO interesting. I was initially attracted by this most entertaining article I found online while looking for different uses for the sweet potato. It involves a roasted sweet potato, ground pork, miso paste, and some green vegetable such as broccoli rabe or green onions, which is what I used, not wanting to shell out for broccoli rabe. Voila:Ok, this is the magazine's photo, but mine came out pretty close, and oh-so-scumptious! I can not well describe the interplay of salty, sweet, tangy-- plus the textures-- that made for such good play on the tongue! Sufice to say you should try it yourself.
Actually, it looks like I only have the leftover picture- noooooo! The original at the party was much more elegant. Oh well. O Hell. Guess I'l have to make it again. Won't you come over to sample? :-) Happy Cherry Blossom Season!


  1. Wow- what an interesting combination. I'll have to try it soon.

    Did you ever try the sweet potato salad that I found?

  2. Sweet potato salad- it was a warm one, right? I have a memory of thinking the ingredients sounded really yummy together, but couldn't find it in my bookmarks at home. Could you send me a link? Did you dye eggs at Easter? I missed out!

  3. Ooh, sweet potatoes. I want to try making baked sweet potato fries again, because last time I started reading an article while they crisped a little more, and then....they were charred. The few edible ones were fantastic, so we'll use the remaining two potatoes sometime soon.

  4. Have never made sweet potato fries, but it does seem like a perfect accompaniment to ... Mississippi! Hehe.
    And Monica, I found the link in your blog and am going to make it tonight! :-)