Sunday, April 5, 2009

St. Patrick's Day, Observed

And moving along, we come to my honoring of the day that celebrates Irish contributions to society. Long Live Eire! So because I wouldn't be in DC for the DC parade, I went to Alexandria, VA, where they had their own, much smaller affair. There was plenty of spirit and the sounds of pipes and drums to warm the heart, and the sight of fine marchers to warm up other places...
not to mention cool cars, plenty of Shriners, and some of those outrageous Irish dancing costumes! To whit:

It was a fun to-do, not to be marred, even by the mugginess, the commentator who insisted on marketing his message that Alexandria shouldn't relegate their St. Pat's parade to a side street, or the obsession of Alexandria residents for their dogs, which resulted in a prissy dog show on the main square. Nope, still enjoyed it!


  1. A prissy dog show on the square, and Mr. Prancywaggles wasn't invited? Well I never!

    Missed the famed St. Paddy's Day parade here in Jackson because I was on the west coast. But the Snuggie pub crawl definitely made up for it.

  2. Hahaha... you'll have to ask his pardon. Will bring dog equivalent of Fancy Feast when I make it down there...