Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catch-up, ketchup, catsup...

Ok, ok, so a real entry.
Thankfully, there is no more of this in sight, as of the second week of March. No, the cold season is ebbing away, and hearty meals will transition now to less-starchy, less oven-necessitating alternatives.

But first, a star dish attempt from the wintertime sojourn, my first all alone in DC. On your right is an interesting combination: pasta with brussels sprouts, which I think didn't turn out exactly as cooked as the recipe called for, because when they sliced the sprouts, they did it in a processor with a slicing attachment, while I was doing it by hand with a dull knife, trying not to slip on the handle a third time. But it was ok. The gobs of melted cheese helped. What I really liked about this meal though, was the roasted vegetable 'extravaganza,' whose recipe you can find here. The beets stained everything a lovely pink, the parsnips and carrots turned sweet and succulent, and the fennel... well I didn't notice that much, but I'm sure it added something. :-)
In the interests of full disclosure, I include this photo, which followed the meal:

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  1. Way to cook with the seasons: beets, parsnips, and carrots for winter! I love beets. Borscht is the best. Have to break out last winter's recipe before it gets too hot here. Vinegary goodness with a dollop of creme fraiche....mmm!