Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mea Culpa

I'm not great in Latin, but I am sorry, folks. If you're like me and don't subscribe, but merely do the rounds of your favorite blogs, and have for over a month been checking in with me with nary a word of update... sorry! Know I was thinking of you!
A few things.
1) Work progresses. For Americorps grads, I am now out of the initial phase and into 'Phase II.' I have hopes that things will start moving more regularly soon.
2) It is definitely spring here in D.C. Some trees are blooming already! Tricksters...The last snowstorm has cleared and the rains are drizzling in with their reports of new life. And finally, we are all shedding our heavy coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and three layers of everything. Man, it was cold this year.
3) Balance update: have been going to the gym 2-3 times per week, and am struggling to keep it at 'more than 2,' since 2 doesn't seem to be enough, judging by the clothes-fitting metric. The current reigning activities are banghra on Mondays, vinyasa yoga on Thursdays, and hip-hop/ funk on Saturdays. I should commit to these 3 plus one just-gym day, maybe. But I don't want to be unrealistic, hmmm... what do you think?
4) Taxes annoy me, especially when I see that I, earning approximately $18,000 GROSS, am going to owe $2,000 to the IRS, and am in the 13% tax bracket. 1 job I already paid taxes on throughout the year, 1 wasn't enough to bear bothering with, 1 was substantial and needed to be taxed at 15%, and the last one, a similar situation. For some reason, the cognitive dissonance between "13%" and "$2,000" is very upsetting to me. Maybe there is still hope, though.
5) I was thinking yesterday of using this site as a depository of favorite recipes I've tried, and a place to display photos to show and to remind myself what it looked like, etc. Then I thought about the need for a tagging system, or system of indexing, and how I didn't know how to do that, but could ask a friend or just poke around blogger.... and then reflected that I hadn't entered a new post in over a month, but here I was, imagining all the work involved in keeping up this effort down the road! Ach, one day at a time, Margaret!

So, pics to come, recipes to entice, and I hope some more consistency to boot. Thanks for keeping up!


  1. We were going to owe in State Taxes as the meager amount that we were going to get from Federal wasn't enough to pay all of State thankfully we could claim the $8,000 house buying tax credit now instead of waiting until 2009 taxes... That is a bummer though about having to pay but would you like to feel better maybe?! We usually made $18,000 a year when Dan was in school full time for a family of 4. You're rich :)

    I am wanting to get the Wii Fit to help with my fitness goals. I need the boys to learn how to swim so I can get a family swimming pass because I love swimming as a workout but can't workout in the pool if I need to be there for the boys...

    Job still going well?

  2. Awesome that you're going to so many cool fitness classes! As I mentioned to you, I've been doing anusara yoga because I'm lucky enough to live near a yoga teacher, and I love love love it. In fact, I'm getting addicted to the muscle tension release several times a week. I'm hoping to check out a bhangra class soon, but for now my Bollywood Booty video is enough.

    Keep up the recipe posting! Very inspirational.