Monday, April 13, 2009

Taking stock

So today doesn't end in a 5, but this Wednesday will be extremely busy at work and so will probably forget. Come to think of it, this whole week is pretty busy, so I had better get something up to keep readers interested, yes?
It is April already, other people's remembered birthdays are speeding by, the weather is getting better, and growing things are enchanting my imagination. Right outside my office building there is a small stand of tulips that some building management company planted, and I noticed today that the tulip heads are almost ready to unfurl, and... there's a stowaway! In a field of yellow, there is one lone red tulip, and the sight of it quite brightened my day. "Even this one" made it through the corporate machine with its individuality, so there's hope!
Amid the gym classes, recycling errands, organizing binges, and tax day (gaaa!!), I will try a couple new things in the kitchen this week- hoping to use the 2 remaining sweet potatoes I've got, the carrots, celery and parsnips in the crisper, and the 1/2 chicken I've been meaning to roast. Stay tuned for that...

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