Saturday, May 22, 2010

What I Eat, when left to my own devices, Part I

It has been a vast amount of time since I've updated food photos, so I will here include a smattering of the ones I have from the past few months, without belaboring it too much (at least I'll try not to, but sometimes I am just so proud...)

What to do with pot roast that got a little too personal with the pan? Turn it into Swiss steak! (2/20/10)
A dinner for two, starring corn steamed with bay scallops, my *famous* eggplant with garlic, and some kind of beet-with-walnut-and-vinaigrette dish that I can't exactly remember the ingredients for, but I do remember it was darn tasty!

And these were some of the dishes I had for my Roman Feast of Neighborliness party (2/23/10): sweet Italian meatballs (sorta tweaked from Last Night's Dinner here), chicken adobo-hybrid soup from In Praise of Leftovers' here)-- I added some more liquid and kale so that my mouth wouldn't catch fire.

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  1. I love that you photograph your food! And may I say how impressed I am that you cook so much for yourself? When I lived alone I lived off Trader Joe's frozen meals and takeout burritos. You're inspiring me to try some of these fantastic-looking recipes.