Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Year's O-SE-CHI dinner

Hmm... I wonder why everything seems to revolve around food here...
This is the story of my New Year's Eve, when I ushered in 2010 to my life.
My friend Jess invited me along to a dinner party at her, and our, friend Eric's apartment. (This is Eric)
They had dreamt up the idea of having an osechi dinner, which means a lot of little Japanese dishes (I think). I tried to think of something to bring, but only came up with some Japanese candy that I found at Borders, of all places. "MADE IN JAPAN" it said, leaping out at me. "Perfect!" I thought.
But I soon discovered that nothing I could have brought would really have countered the awesomeness of the food I was going to consume this night. Jess and Eric both showed their true gourmet skillz.
There was some sort of sea creature, dried out and in strips, to soften and wind around another sea creature... well, I'm still not sure what I was eating, but I know it was really good. Here's the appetizer I helped with:
The entire exercise was made more intimate and exciting by the size of the range in Eric's apartment:
Cozy! :-)

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