Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christmas in Sacramento, Part IV

Before therewere meringues, but now I felt like I needed to show off..... galettes! They go by many times, and it seems that galette is just the one least heard of in my circle of acquaintances. Ah well. It's the country French version, so I like it. A galette is basically pie dough that is tweaked a little bit, topped with a creamy liquid to seal the bottom since there is no pan, and a filled with any combination of savory or sweet fillings you can imagine. Then you fold the dough up the sides to contain the goodness. Here's where I found out about these and got the courage to make the dough from scratch. She's a pro.

(But by the way, this recipe for dough is what I used for this galette, but it wasn't as easy to work with as the all-butter one above. It was still delicious though!)

Here's the second concocion: a fritatta with sundried tomatoes and feta and 'whatever else,' courtesy of ... I don't remember. I thought it was in my Google Reader queue, but apparently not. I riffed on someone else's idea anyway.


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