Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Statistical Progress

So October is at an end and now I can tabulate (inner nerd rejoices) my success rate for my 5-a-day goals...

Exercise: 48%
Cooking: 45%
Job search: 39%
Social Activity: 58%
De-clutter: 42%

Not to sound like I'm weasling out of high-scoring, but... I am not daunted by the low percentages. The goal was to get going on all these goals at the same time, and I have developed my skills in each area. I would say job face-to-face interaction and exercise need the most help. So if you have good suggestions in these areas, or would like to help, please do drop me a line! :-)


  1. We have the Wii on our wishlist and I am thinking of getting the Wii Fit to help with my exercise goal has I am not moving much right now.

  2. I am just so impressed that you're so organized about your goals that you're tracking progress statistically. And congratulating yourself for getting moving on all of them - yay!

    I know you don't like jogging, but it's been awesome for me -- can go almost anytime or anywhere and run at my own pace. Walking with a friend is second best, and I also still do Tae Bo in my living room. The best part is dancing to hip-hop around the house when I get bored of the kickboxing.

    Some of my friends swear by yoga, squash, and indoor rock climbing. Lisa, whom you met in DC, plays on a kickball team. I thought about joining a team sport, because sports don't feel like exercise to me.