Monday, November 3, 2008

Wet Ingredients

Hey! I know, I know, I just posted yesterday, but that was just mixing the dry ingredients. Now for the eggs, butter, and milk! Haha... I have had a much better run for the last few days, so I think the funk of last week is over. I got my new month calendar started, sent out some job emails, had an Exercise Sampler this morning, dressed up, and am just in general feeling better in my skin. Maybe it has something to do with dancing to Big n Rich's Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy song from YouTube...
I also have a new motivation for keeping tabs on paper piles- those little creepy crawlers that loooove to live in paper piles! That's right, house centipedes. Icky, rapid-moving creatures with too many legs. So at last, I may have to frame the Amelie poster and hang it, instead of leaving it ... in a pile. ;o)
Ok, so here's your update on apartment. Bear in mind, a few things are awaiting collection from Freecycle people or Craig's List-ers, so it's a little more 'stuffed' than I'd like.

Bedroom, including organized filing system! That took a half a day.

Bathroom and Mini-hallway again. However, when the lovely wingback chairs (which I got for free) are moved out (hoping for this weekend), this loveseat will go in the living room, instead of sideways in the hallway. Much more room that way.

Living room, with a view of my 'front door' (in quotes because it opens up into an interior hallway of the building), and living room with view through to the kitchen.

And here is the kitchen! Cozy and warm (for the heater and the oven are both in here, unfortunately) and fairly organized...

And just for fun, here are the 2 wingback chairs I got for free that will be leaving this weekend, to make room for ... me! :o) Quite the antique, and I do like wingbacks, but it was quite dingy and it was just too much for the little living room that could(n't).


  1. Hooray for organizing! I am committed to divesting as much as possible before I head out of Sonoma in January. It's so liberating to give things away -- especially books, which was so difficult -- and to create a home for everything I own. Moving and organizing everything encourages me not to collect any more possessions! I feel as if I almost have an inventory on everything, which makes me breathe a little easier instead of fearing what's stuffed inside closets and drawers.

  2. Soo cool to see your home! Good work and thanks for the invitation inside! :)