Sunday, November 23, 2008

High Times

And, as is common in my life, we swing from high to low and back to high again. I got a job offer at what looks like a terrific firm, with what appear to be terrific people, with a terrific mission! Check it out here: or settle for my simplified version: a firm that researches complex policy issues in the energy, environment, and health sectors, convenes stakeholders to discuss these issues and hammer out workable solutions to become policy proposals in Congress. Basically, it's trying to get people face-to-face to be productive and find solutions, instead of waiting until they're across a table of discord, with lawyers at hand to lobby policymakers and throw money at them to get their way. Conflict mediation with the goal of consensual solutions. Hmm... see the site for examples. I will be focusing on energy and climate issues, in the DC office. YAY! The search is OVER! I start Dec 3rd. :-)


  1. So many things to cross my fingers for! Your house is on the list, m'dear. Also, Bill sent me a type of Japanese wish card after his birthday; you can guess what I wished for... ;-)

  2. Awww thanks.
    We actually submitted the offer yesterday so hopefully we hear back next week.

    So how did your first day go?!!!

  3. As I said over the phone, CONGRATS! It sounds like this organization is taking a unique approach to solving social problems. You'll be able to use your listening and psychology skills, in addition to your knowledge about policy issues, to mediate. Can't wait to hear about it.