Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oy, how time flies!

October already?? Goodness, me. Well, I have been busy, after all. Even though I don't have a job (situation for 2 weeks), I am fairly content. I spend days job searching, following up leads, shopping for new recipes, brightening up the new apartment, and hanging out with friends. This is a direct result of my "5-a-day Plan" or what could be called my Anti-Depression Plan. Because I have been busy and not as attentive to the blog, Melia has beat me to the punch on my snappy title! Ah well. May all who endeavor to live by their values each day succeed!

So here are my 5:
1) Exercise.
2) Job search.
3) Cooking/ healthy eating.
4) Social activity.
5) De-clutter!

Whaddya think? Like the compulsive researcher and team player I am, I have assembled my own little library of articles and books about these topics to keep me company and give me some inspiration for how to diversify the activities. I would love to hear your input. :o)

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