Monday, October 13, 2008

October Victory Update

We've all felt it, the ups and downs of confused life. Even confused life with set goals has its ups and downs apparently. I am reporting back to my "public" *ahem* about my Goals- my 5-a-days, you will recall, and here are the polling numbers (from Oct only, since my 2 weeks of Sept have already been rolled up and filed in the closet file:

Exercise: 38% - obviously room for improvement
Cooking: 62% - woo-hoo! and on a tightening budget, no less!
Job search: 46% - part of the up-and-down process of motivation...
Socializing: 69% - another woo-hoo for a recognized introvert
De-clutter: 54% - a good way to spend time when nothing else appeals...

So I think that's pretty good. Especially for depending on my own lights for kicking my butt into action. I think I need to get more systematic about exercise and more inventive in my job search- as in, more face-to-face encounters. But I'm loving the social activities, and the apartment is starting to look pretty schnazz. Before pictures:


Bathroom and Mini-hallway

Living Room (where I spend the most time, on the COMPUTADORA)

And my kitchen! where I also spend a substantial amount of time, and not just raiding the chocolate stash (although it does happen from time to time)...


  1. Any pictures of the "schnazzin'" apartment home????


  2. I think I'm going to start using your results-oriented goal approach. Have you heard of SMART goals?


    BTW, I have been hittin' the chocolate a little hard lately. The dark chocolate raspberry Endangered Species brand is BOMB!