Monday, June 13, 2011

Delicate Rush

Inspired by a great friend who does great things, I'm back. This required substantial force to overcome the inertia, but that's one of the reasons for the inspiration- it can be done, and many a time!
So, here I am, ready to toss off a short review of a recipe from Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone without so much as a mention of the weeks and weeks that I haven't posted.
Not so much as a mention..... did you catch that?

So much for thwarting inertia; it had to be acknowledged.

So I'd found not Napa cabbage (excellent for making soy-ginger-dressed salads in a snap) but Savoy cabbage at the farmers' market. Hmph, I thought, that has to translate into something interesting. Well, I didn't do the usual exhaustive research because my internet was down (please click that). But the second cookbook I looked in had an intriguing 'Gratin au Chou' or 'Cabbage Gratin' if that sounds any less fou-fou to you. Lightly boiled chopped cabbage, mixed in with milk, flour, egg, tomato paste and cream, and sprinkled with chopped herbs and pepper.

Only the closest thing I had to cream or creme fraiche was vanilla drinkable yogurt. So in it went! And everything else was thirded down to fit into 2 ramekins instead of a 'gratin dish,' whatever that is. It was supposed to serve 4, with 3 eggs, and I used 1 egg but it was 2 meals. Go figure.
I only put in a smidgeon of the herb I'd picked to substitute, and it duly hid its flavor under a bushel. It did take 50 minutes, even though the quantity was so much less, perhaps because of the depth of the liquid in the ramekins. And of course, probably the most important lesson to impart, I used the toaster oven, in order to 1) decrease heat (it is DC in June) 2) decrease AC necessary (I am saving up for a swish vacation) and 3) waste not, want not.
In the end, I pronounced it pretty good, but it could have done with either more salt or more cheese (which contributes a salty tang). Any thoughts?

Before the 50 minutes

And so, with that, I sashay back into blog world, and let the world of Other Writing recede a little. Next hope up: post pictures and writings of the trips to Charlotte and to San Francisco! Maybe when I get another delicate rush of inspiration.

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  1. Thanks for the sweet shout-out! I am overcoming more inertia myself and catching up on my blog reading, as you can see. I tend to read other people's blogs only when I'm keeping up my own.

    Oh, the things that you cook! It's inspiring to me how many new recipes you try. When work gets busy, I get stuck in a cooking routine, which usually involves simple pasta or a box of mac and cheese.

    Look forward to reading about Charlotte and San Francisco!