Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Charm

Apparently I have no charm, because I do not have a third post in me on this third day back in the swing. I am full up with preparing to host family in my apartment for 10 days, and planning what seems like a dozen trips for myself. In terms of numbers of trips, the work jaunts (4) far outnumber the vacation trips (1), but in terms of effort going into planning them? A little heavy on the vacation end... :-)

Here, then, are two quotations which have jumped out at me in the search for the Scotland itinerary and inspired me to make it through another work day...

#1: Scotland exudes "a liberating feeling of seclusion" from Time Out Scotland.

---that's what I'm looking for!

#2: H.V. Morton writes: "Scotland is the best place in the world to take an appetite."

1 comment:

  1. Both of those quotes about Scotland make it sound like a perfect place for you! (And for me...I would love to go myself.) Can't wait to hear about the trip.