Sunday, May 8, 2011

Local Flora, Part II: QUIZ

Yay! I hope you enjoyed the flower-fest of mobile uploads in the previous post.
For this second piece of the 2-part series, I thought I'd try to provoke some interactive response.
Since I don't carry an Eastern US Flower Book with me at all times, when I catch these appealing flower cameos, I often don't know what I am taking a picture of. Since today is Mother's Day, I will dedicate this post to my Mom- the original flower picture-taker- and probably the one who will come up with the most answers to the Quiz! ;-)

Please leave comments with answers for the numbers you know. Let's see how many I can get labeled and posted to the wall with a stick-pin.

These things are so cool and alien-looking!
These ones I actually know, from asking the house-owner on my block.
This one I think I know, but always thought they were something else... haven't tried the wikipedia approach to fact-checking yet on this one...

Pretty detailing on this one...
This red bloom looked like it cute have been stuck on a headband or hair clip, it was that prettily blousy.
This isn't a trick- it's the tree! Smells so wonderful! (that's a hint)
Now this one is all over, and hard to get a good picture of. It comes in white, pinks, corals, and blooms at the same time as cherry blossoms, but I haven't gotten a name... obviously not a fruit tree with that slender base...
Another alien species one, but beautiful butterfly-like coloring.
Well that's all I have for now, so may the competitive school spirit set your inquisitive hearts afire with curiosity! :-)


  1. Ok, I know number 3 but only in Dutch ... "blauwe druifje" (google-translate gives me "grape hyacinth"). They are one of the four main spring flowers people plant in their gardens in my country. And are 11 and 12 not the same, just different colors? I think we call them "seringen" in Dutch (according to google-translate "lilacs")

  2. Wow, Rose, you're good at this game! Yes, those are grape hyacinth, and lilacs (that WAS a trick question!). Google Translate is awesome. :-D