Saturday, August 21, 2010

Working backwards

 Hi there! So the title is just a new quirk I'm trying- since I haven't been able to catch up and keep 'er steady, I'm going to randomly fling up photos and recipes I've done here, so that at least there's something new and entertaining when you come to check this place out, dear readers...

 Lighter Banana Muffins
That is not what I'd call these. I would dub these Bananapple Muffins, since I used bananas and apple butter (not actual butter) in these.
First I looked at the overripe but not yet blackened bananas on my counter. Then I went to SuperCook and plugged in "bananas" and a few other things I thought I might want to combine them with. Then I scrolled through recipes until I saw this one. It looked yummy enough, so I checked out the comments, decide to halve the recipe, and add apple butter, which I also wanted to fnish up, because someone said applesauce worked great. And thus, these wonderfully moist (can you see it in the picture?) muffins were born-- no butter or oil used in the process. It's all the mashed banana and apple spread. Healthy? *shrug* Yummy? Yes!
Post Script: here were my departures from the recipe hyperlinked above:
2 bananas
1/3 cup apple butter
1/2 of rest of ingredients
18 min baking time
suuuuper moist muffins!

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