Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Virginia Foray and an Umbrella of Whiteness

This is Liz. Liz is the kind of friend that makes you want to leap in the air and whoop like Katharine Hepburn.

...Well, one fine day, Liz and I decided to go out to Shenandoah together. I wanted to get out of Dodge for some Nature and she was going to a swim in open water to practice for her half-Ironman. (See? She's marvelous.) Anyway, I convinced her that she needn't rent a car at 6 AM; I would drive her out to Luray, VA, she could do her swim, I could laze about like a good old debutante, and then we could go for a hike and explore the scene. Yes, the scene at Luray. I played a supporting role here as Liz's "umbrella of whiteness."
See picture above right. You must admit, this is pretty awesome indicator of the intelligence of native Luraians: an arcade game built around the experience that is a Corvette. We found this at 3 Brothers' Burgers right near one of the entrances to Shenandoah State Park.
You may notice the classic red plastic diner glasses in the above picture. What was in them, you ask? Nothing but the finest, of course! Birch beer floats alone could satisfy the mighty thirst we had worked up while hiking in the hot (and humid, ye Californians) sun for hours... they were delicious!

And then the food arrived. First of all, it was a very fair deal: something like 3.99 for "a 6-dollar-burger" as Carl's Jr. used to say with some very good spiced fries. I got a bacon cheeseburger (oh yes, HOURS, in the SUN, I was making it back), and it was oh-so-good.

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