Monday, August 23, 2010

First pizza and other creations - from June

Pappardelle (from Smith Meadows) with Chermoula and fresh tomatoes. An artful mix.
And this is what I did with that pizza dough from a few posts down: I plunked some seasoned, smashed tomatoes on top of it and baked it! As suggested at In Praise of Leftovers (one of my favorite blogs), I just turned over a baking sheet and used that as my peel and my pizza stone- if only it didn't have that habit in hot ovens of warping a few minutes in... It came out a little dry because there was no cheese or caramelized onion layer, but it was fine as a sort of pizza bread- much better than the ones you'd get with a Domino's pizza, par exemple.
And finally:
Michelle's evidence that I have been using her birthday present! more to come on what that eventually turned into...

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