Sunday, January 10, 2010

If ever there was soup weather...

THIS is it!
Wow. More than a week of temps in the 20s, "Feels Like" the Teens... I thought this recipe would be perfect: Rustic Cabbage Soup, from 101 Cookbooks.
Something about the sound of "cabbage soup" has me thinking, "peasant fare," in a way that "cabbage rose wallpaper" just doesn't. And it delivers. Warms you up and keeps you full long enough to visit the farmer's market, round out the list at the grocery store, browse at the used bookstore, and pick up some scrap wood to fix a sagging closet shelf. And then fix the shelf. Yes, that was my schedule this morning. I know I should really stop with all that glamour stuff- is it making you feel bad? Sorry...
And plus, I had gotten cabbage and needed to use it. I think the original purpose involved a California-type Napa cabbage salad, but after the last couple weeks, soup just sounds so much more appealing, doesn't it?It came out pretty well. 4-5 servings. I added thyme, coriander and a soup├žon of dill. It was a little salty, which I attribute to too much Better Than Bouillon broth, so keep that in mind (I think 4 cups of broth might be just perfect, but it depends how you like your soup).

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