Monday, January 11, 2010

Dinner Party!

Ok, so I'm shifting back to chronological order here. The cabbage soup was a couple days ago, but this goes back to Dec 3rd. I know, I know. All part of the plan...I had a dinner party menu all planned out. It looked like this:

Chicken Pesto Pasta
Kale Greens with Garlic

And it involved strong-arming the invitees into helping in the kitchen, believe you me...
...which was worth it, since they got this in return! Yum.

I'd give the pasta a 7/10 (but maybe that's because I had to eat the rest of the pound of pasta for the next week), the galette a 9 (good crust), and the greens an 8.

Oh! And how could I forget- I made gingerbread! That's what's in that picture up above with the box of dry pasta. For this I had to get a special ingredient which I didn't have on hand- can you guess??

Molasses! Yum. The gingerbread came out really well, I thought, but then it was the first time I'd either eaten or made homemade gingerbread, so we'll give it a qualified 9.5. ;-)

And oh yes, I made Saqib wash the dishes with only half a sponge. He signaled his displeasure. Jess was much in much better spirits about the whole thing.

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