Monday, October 26, 2009

Remix 1

Sometimes, even when you have good ingredients, you feel the need to switch it up. Riff on old, good tunes, as it were. And here, I can't even take credit for the old, good tune! I really like the fresh ravioli made by Smith Meadows, I just purchased their green garlic pesto (WOW, garlicky), and topped it off with local Blue Ridge Dairy whole-milk ricotta- it was a meal made in Farmer's Market heaven.
Then a couple days later, knowing that the fresh pasta lasts only so long, I tried something that took a little more thought, but still used what I had: 3/4 of a tomato that was still good, and... see, this is what happens when you wait too long and don't take notes. I think I added a little bit of the pesto, warmed the tomato pieces on the stove, and then combined with the ravioli. No fresh herbs. Hmm. I do remember it tasted good though!

Stay tuned for remix 2: galette v. galette! Oh, and my not-so-success with okra. But it garnered me a new word: mucilaginous!

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