Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harmony in Pinks and Purples

The beautiful jeweled tones of what was purchased last week: eggplants, native 'heirloom' apples, and a couple purple peppers

As usually happens, after being uninspired for a week or so, I caught a wave of enthusiasm for cooking again. This time the accelerant used was a post by Pink of Perfection on Crustless Quiche, which she declared not even really a recipe, but which I declared Awesome.
She made hers with portobello mushrooms, frozen spinach, an onion, and some cheese, and I riffed on that with beet greens, an onion, and feta, the only plausible cheese in the kitchen. It was a great use of the extra 18 eggs I'd gotten for free (!) at the farmer's market. They were 'first lay' eggs, which are rather small, but still good, by all means. And you know what else? Not refrigerated. I think once they are refrigerated, you can't leave them out, but otherwise, you're ok. But don't quote me on that. Let me know if any readers think something different.
Before: all scrambled-looking and humble...And After, cooked solidly through, easily cut, savory, and healthy (I think).

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