Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some belated posts on food, put on hold by Japan!

I used a recipe from my new favorite blog-source for cooking ideas: In Praise of Leftovers. The author is great, and not just on food, but on Life as well. Even though she is across the country, married, has kids, and is religious, I find myself feeling the resonance of some of her thoughtful posts. Check it out.
So, back to her ratatouille.
I followed it pretty closely. Here was the rainbow progression, from when I made it on August 19:

It did take significantly longer than advertised (2 1/2 hours, maybe?), but that could be my oven temperature. It has been yummy on cornbread, yummy on orzo, and definitely yummy as a leftover healthy-thing-to-eat-in-a-hurry. Thanks, Leftoverist!

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