Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mosquito Stigmata

No, you read that right. On my last night in Mississippi, I had my inevitable run-in with a few mosquitos, and had to resort to combat methods. I turned the fan on, pulled the covers up, and woke several times restlessly in order to patrol the air... Somehow though, I did get bitten. The first one, the one that woke me up in the first place, was on my right inner forearm. I woke up the next morning to discover that there were a few more, notably one on my left inner forearm, and one right near my solar plexus. This led me to believe I was possibly experiencing some cruel mosquito joke about being Catholic. Oh, mosquitoes... blast!
On another note, I put together what one could call a "balanced meal" last night. Not from the nutrients or food groups that I mixed, but in the sources and effort level of each contribution. I had fresh bacon sage ravioli from the farmer's market last week, toasted pine nuts from TJ's, and a spoonful of my own radish leaf pesto, which when blended with the savoriness of the bacon (looking more like pulled pork to me) in the ravioli tasted milder than when last tried. Yum!

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