Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jackson Jewels

Could I have forgotten to post the beauties that I visited in Jackson, MS a few weeks ago? It seems so. Oops! Here are the highlights:
The Perfect BeignetMy First Fried Green TomatoesThe lovely natives I met along the way :-)


  1. I love Beignets- I need to try making them but when it isn't so hot.
    Oh- did you like fried green tomatoes? I love them- when I was in Georgia- I had a BLT but with a fried green tomato instead of a fresh red tomato- don't ya love the South ;)
    And as always food is the greatest reason to travel- people are second...

  2. Awesome! I still have to put up the FB pics from your visit. I've been remiss with all my pics. Mmm, all the food we had was awesome.