Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good things lately

Tonight's dinner (late): garlic eggplant, sour cream, and toasted pine nuts on wheat toast
Going to the gym (plus walking for 40 more minutes than usual in the mist)
Paying a bill at Macy's with exact change ($3.57)
Anticipation of seeing Arcadia at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre
Watching the Marcel Pagnol classic "Marius" on DVD last night

See? All these things must help me see that life is grand when some of the big things are not coming in line as I might like. They are my ... Arsenal.


  1. Hi Margaret, I am growing eggplants in my backyard! I'll have to let you know if they produce any :0 I have lots of tomatoes too. Let me know how the show was...

  2. Hooray for creative, quick dinners, exercise, and the arts! Nothing like simple pleasures to make the big things seem not so big.