Friday, May 15, 2009

Daube-y-, daube-y, dau... da da da da da...

Yes, that was an attempt to turn the recipe I just made- a beef "daube"- into a rendition of Strangers in the Night. When I am unfamiliar with a term, this is what I do to it- call me a murderer if you will.
Anyway, although my timing wasn't great, I think I came up with a wonderful riff on Sarah McColl's "Garlicky Beef Daube" recipe, which was in turn adapted from the Mark Bittman version (from his book How To Cook Everything, which I got from my sister for the birthday this year-yay!).
I didn't do much different- happened to have another ounce or two of wine in the bottle, so glugged it in. Didn't read the directions clearly enough, so put all 8 garlic cloves in at the beginning (but who can ever have too much garlic, enh?). And by the time I got back home from work and errands, I got this party started at around 815 PM, so I had already sated the hunger and this creation was clearly destined for another day. Consequently, it had about 12 hours of marinating, then got cooked (I'm a morning person- or at least a person who likes the smell of red wine and garlic simmering in the morning), left pretty liquidy, then cooled and squished back into the fridge for more flavor-swapping. And I won't even enjoy it tonight either! Because we are going out for a happy hour to send off a colleague who is leaving. Ah well, it shall be scrumptious tomorrow for dinner. Will add photos later...

And yes, I will also add photos from my try at the asparagus and morel recipe- pretty dern good!

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