Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ramping up the Delight

For all you locavores out there, this post is a bit embarrassing...

For me, that is.
Yes, those are ramps up there. Ramps, as in the trend-du-moment harbinger of spring ending and summer beginning. Since we had an awfully long, drawn-out spring (who's complaining? not me), and a peek-a-boo summer, things may have been a little mixed up. And they were. But it's still a bit late to talk about ramps.
But that's ok, I'm not giving a recipe. I'm actually highlighting a delightful observation I made at the time of cutting up the expensive, farmer's-market, little darlings:

I matched my food!

As I looked down and the penny dropped, I felt happily content to be so in tune with the season that I had on a purple top and green shorts- ha!
The ramps went into a lazy-man-scramble with some early tomatoes, and were paired with those all-stars of the sustainability world: anchovies. More specifically, marinated white anchovies, a specialty which the Spanish call boquerones, and the Greeks call gavros. I first met their ilk at Estadio, and later bought these at Vace, an Italian deli-and-pizza stronghold in the Cleveland Park neighborhood.

It was a simple, filling, and nutritious meal. Eggs and anchovies = good proteins and fats; tomatoes, ramps, and herbs = 2 fruit and vegetable servings for the day. And that's pretty much how I do my food accounting. It's not overly complex.

Moments when you match what you're chopping... now THAT's ENTERTAINMENT!

I'd love to hear how you all entertain yourselves with your own passions. These types of stories sustain us as we follow our dreams. So do be a peach and tell us a story, eh?

I am currently trawling for students for my next cooking class, possibly next week. The armchair travel theme is Southern Italy (oh, aren't you dying to see where I went? Soon!), and the menu will be different from the last one- modified to include Pizza, as only southern Italians can make it. (And those who have learned from southern Italians, of course!) Send me a message if you or someone you know may be interested!

**Sincere thanks to all who have like the new Taste Life Twice Facebook page! I'm delighted to have another way to connect with people, and look forward to enjoying the recipes, stories, and opportunities to be shared.

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  1. Perhaps a food and clothing matching service is in your future? :)

    Mmm, I love farmers markets! My problem, though, is that I never know ahead of time what I'll find. I'm really bad at improvisational cooking, so if I don't have a recipe in advance, I'm leery of buying random stuff. Which is too bad, because there's some seriously interesting stuff at farmers' markets!

    One of my passions is crafting. My craft of choice was knitting for a long time, and I would relax and treat myself to a movie (though I don't watch many any more) or listen to an audiobook while I let myself get lost in the rhythm of the needles. More recently I started exploring quilting, which is a similarly soothing repetitive motion when you get to the actual hand-quilting part. The problem I run into is that I love to make the things, but there are only so many shawls/scarves/handwarmers/quilts a person can use! :)