Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Version of Mijoter

What have I been doing in the past month? I can tell you in one word (well, maybe two):


It is a French word that means to simmer, or to stew. You keep the water at a barely-there boil and the ingredients you've thrown together start to get to know each other, slowly.

I've got travel stories (Memphis, TN), vacation stories (Yosemite, Italy), kitchen stories (joined a spring/ summer produce CSA!), personal stories, plus a lot of struggle.

That's the other word, btdubbs.

Lentil Roasted Garlic Stew

I have launched myself into a fast-flowing river, and have not outfitted myself with enough gear yet to get to the point on the other shore where I'm aiming. So basically I'm dog-paddling, constantly giving myself rests by doing the Dead Man's Float. The steps to creating a successful business are numerous and they keep popping up as others are completed, like a crazy game of Whack-a-Mole.

So thanks for continuing to drop by and being supportive as I continue to dog-paddle my way to the other side. Comments, tweets, and mentions help! :-)

There is a lot of great material out there to guide people starting out on the road to their dreams, including the World Domination Summit that just concluded in Portland, Oregon. I've been absorbing resources, connecting with other indie-preneurs, and all these bits of knowledge have been bouncing off each other in my brain and 'getting to know each other,' if you will... how I do like kitchen metaphors!

The important thing is to just keep at it, keep showing up (80% of success according to Woody Allen), and that habit creates a new path for you.

How are you doing this in your life, those of you who are tuning in for the personal development stories? Do you have Victories to share? Do you have go-to resources for when you're stuck? Let us know!

Meanwhile, photos from the travel and adventures are ... compiling.

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