Friday, December 9, 2011

The World Comes to Me

I am now caught up to November! Let's see, what happened in November...
Well, a friend of mine had a rockin' feast of Pakistani delights, which I felt compelled to catalog.
The country's tastes, and Jessica's, trend a bit spicier than mine, but knowing that ahead of time was enough to make sure the top of my head didn't get get blown off. Slow and steady...

Here's the head chef in the preparatory stages, in front of the stove in her spotless kitchen ...
Here's the special jasmine rice (I think- I'm not very fluent in rice) being mixed in with the tomatoes, herbs, and spices.
Here's the slightly tweaked version of what I know as palak paneer, with tofu instead of paneer- delicious!
A surprise hit of the night- durian chips!
The Spread- the mind boggles. And so pretty!
And the Spread that found its way onto My Plate: that's baked salmon in tomato sauce, spiced chickpeas, the rice with vegetables, and the tofu-palak creation. Mmm, it's enough to prompt a food coma in remembrance! I love times like these, when the food of the world somehow finds its way to me, and gives me a new experience (without the stress of going to Pakistan).
Here's to as many tasty foodie nights as possible before this gal ships off to the Far East!

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