Monday, December 19, 2011

New Strategy

Things are undergoing a change here at Ma Vie, at you may soon be able to see them here on the blog. For the past 10 months I've been contemplating my life direction more avidly (that is not to say in a focused way) and trying to figure out the next set of goals.

I gave you a taste of some of the results of that cogitation, but haven't yet portrayed a clear picture of where I'm going... because I haven't had one! I'm exploring websites, talking to friends, and examining some persistent habits I'd like to ditch. If you've had a renewed sense of purpose in life, a good book that affirms your multipotentiality, or otherwise been inspired, please write it in the comments!

Here's to a launch of something different in 2012!

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  1. Ok, having myself been searching for a full year now (and I mean, the goal for the year 2011 was "searching" and "finding") I can tell you, give it time, use a coach for some time (I had one for four months late 2010/early 2011), keep on moving and results will come. One thing I have done in the past year is done quite some voluntary work. The idea behind it being that in that way I could quickly find out whether it was something I liked to do or not. Also, every new thing often leads to something else, new connections, new ideas. The big thing is to keep "moving". As long as you move, you will keep on running into new things of which you might suddenly discover, "This is it!" I now also know what my passions are (and some of them have been lying dormant for years!). So, these are my discoveries of the year: 1. I want to move back to the US. That's where my home is (mentality- en friends-wise). 2. I want to write, write, write. 3. I want to be in international development. That is where my heart is. 4. I want to be my own boss. It is the last one that will be the biggest change of all. Two years ago, I was in the US, working in International Development and doing quite some writing. Something did not feel right (or maybe a lot did not feel right). Maybe, the lack if freedom I felt was the biggest problem. 2012 is going to be the year of action to achieve all these goals and more! Good luck with your search and enjoy it!