Sunday, July 24, 2011

Houston, TX, Take 1

Backtracking to the First Houston trip (cuz there were two), I have some evidence from it as well. I observed and took photos of things that struck me as potentially Uniquely Houston. For example:
 Starting off the adventure on Friday with a Jeep Liberty. Tres Texas.
Following another Jeep on the freeway that seemed to think a dangling rearview mirror did just fine. Yikes.
Spotting this and catching it right after an exclaimed "Look!" from Maria. Perfect timing! But no idea what it actually is. We dubbed it 'Mini Rushmore.'
Oh, and there was a lot of this: complicated freeway intertwining architecure (eep! someone call some engineers!). We also got a lesson in something called Texas U-turns. And of course we all got frustrated by the frontage road arrangement...
But one of the Uniquely Texan things about this First Visit may have been the decor in the Holiday Inn whee we stayed- oil rigs hard at work. I suppose it might make some visitors feel at home??

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  1. Those pictures are lacking something...hmmm...I can visualize a "Flower Power" sticker placed right up high on that oil rig, can't you?!